Wolf King Warrior XXtreme Keyboard Review

The Warrior XXtreme is a gaming keyboard made for both first person shooters and role playing games without any fancy key control programs or any programs at all, a true plug and play gaming controller.

In video gaming with PC’s and consoles companies try to meet the needs of gamers as well as sell products that are going to make it big for the most profit. Several companies even try hard to cater to the enthusiast and extreme gamers out there by listening to their complaints about previous versions of peripherals and taking the advice to the design of their next product.

More often than not a keyboard follows along the lines of a regular keyboard or has some kind of program that controls what keys do what in certain games. The Warrior XXtreme from Wolf King breaks from the traditional and familiar with a keyboard without any kind of control program or software that behaves exactly like a regular plug and play keyboard. It also meets the gaming requirements of the most demanding gamers out there by having the keys of the FPS and RPG game types configured just for these game types.

The Warrior XXtreme is a fantastic gaming keyboard with no setup or control programs that reconfigures keys for certain games – stated by techinsider. The keys are simply rearranged on the keyboard for ease of use in first person shooters and role playing games with all the keys on the left side set up for ease of use in gaming.

Simply put the Warrior XXtreme has a circle of regular keys, all of the alphabet in a circular pattern on the right side and the most common keys as well as the numbers and function keys in another circle pattern on the left side. The keyboard also includes volume control and mute, on and off for the backlighting and 2 USB ports on the front of the keyboard.

The Warrior XXtreme is so very easy to use for gaming but awkward for regular use with its circular pattern of the full alphabet. The keys that are commonly used in gaming, the ASDW and several others are logically positioned for character movement with several keys that are also commonly used like the Z,X,C,M,H,N,O,B,E,R,G,T,F and K are positioned on the left side of the keyboard.

The right side contains a regular full set of the alphabet along with punctuation keys and the Caps Lock, Delete, Backspace and Enter keys. There are keys missing such as print screen, home, and insert but you really won’t miss these. In games you can also reprogram keys as long as the game allows it but the thing that makes this keyboard so great is it does not require any special program or configuration to use. The Warrior XXtreme really is a regular plug and play keyboard with the keys all moved around.

I have been playing several games using the Warrior XXtreme and really enjoy the gaming experience that it offers for both FPS and role playing games. The keyboard is very logically setup and allows for not only the regular gaming keys commonly used but includes a full set of the alphabet for chatting or if you want to quickly exit the game and use the keyboard a little. Of course extensive use of the alphabet keyboard or the other for regular typing would be an exercise in hunt and peck but it allows for regular use at least some.

One setup that the Warrior XXtreme is just fantastic is the use in FPS games with the Xbox 360 and the keyboard connection device XFPS. The XFPS is a device for the Xbox 360 to connect a keyboard and mouse for use with the Xbox 360 console system. The Warrior XXtreme works as a plug and play keyboard and works right off the bat with the XFPS setup for true first person shooter control on the console.

The Warrior XXtreme is a great and easy to use keyboard and really adds to the gaming experience due to the ease of use and handy setup of common keys used in gaming. The keyboard is fully compatible with all operating systems due to its regular keyboard inputs with its plug and play nature.

The keyboard is so easy to start using and works well in gaming that it seems very natural for gaming as well as that occasional use typing when you quickly exit a game and want to search for gaming hints or walkthroughs without unhooking the keyboard. The keyboard connects just like any other USB keyboard and includes two USB ports on the front for use as a USB hub.

The Warrior XXtreme is such a great keyboard that it was among the International CES shows Innovations 2008 Award for Design and Engineering Showcase Honorees. The keyboard is such a great design that is just makes such logical sense to have the keyboard plug and play simple yet useable in games so easily.

Many games allow you to reprogram or reassign keys to ones you want but the already setup main keys for movement allows for an easier time doing this. Sure some games will have you doing a little programming but the ease of the main setup makes gaming that much easier and more fun.

No one wants to spend time having to setup a keyboard just for gaming and installing software to control or assign keys is sometimes a hassle so Wolf King has made it easy for us gamers. The Wolf King Warrior XXtreme is really an innovation in design and yet such a simple and logical keyboard concept.

I highly recommend the Wolf King Warrior XXtreme for the ultimate gaming keyboard that is so easy to setup all you have to do is plug it in. The Warrior XXtreme keyboard is so great it wins my Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence.

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